Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Loudon County participants for the Class of 2023.

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Ellen (Elly) Boals

High School: Lenoir City High School

College Preference: Utah University

Career Goals: Family Fitness Center

Talent: Singing 

Madison Rossi - Dupas

High School: Loudon High School

College Preference: Lees-McCraes

Career Goals: Business

Talent: Speech 

Addison Russell

High School: Loudon Highschool

College Preference: Lee university

Career Goals: Education or business

Talent: Guitar Strumming (Acoustic, original , by Myself )

Kiley Woodruff

High School: Greenback High School

College Preference: UT/ETSU/UTC

Career Goals: Child Life Specialist

Talent: Poem (The Moon Game, by Unknown)

Eden Wright

High School: Lenoir City High School

College Preference: Lee University

Career Goals: Police Officer


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